Robotic Assisted Surgery




What the future holds and how Intuition Assisting aims to help

Robotic assisted surgery is an exciting development in the healthcare industry. The scope of what can be accomplished in the orthopaedic theatre continues to expand as novel technologies like the Stryker Mako robotic arm emerge and are iterated on.

Even with this field in its relative infancy in the West of Scotland, the issues that come with the gap in supply and demand are being felt. A last-minute cancellation by a Mako-trained assistant can add vital time onto an already busy theatre list.

I pride myself on having significantly reduced Mako set up times in all of the procedures I assist for. This, in turn, helps the theatre staff with their own set up time, gives the consultant time to liaise with the technician, and generally expedites flow through the theatre.

 assistants and a consultant with masks and theatre scrubs on working with a robotic assisted surgery machine in front of them




Intuition Assisting and Robotic Assisted Surgery

Intuition Assisting recognises the potential of robotic assisted surgery, and intend to stay ahead of the curve. The demand for surgical first assistants trained in the use of the Mako robot will only increase as time goes on.

That's why Intuition Assisting are keen to establish working relationships with any surgical first assistants trained in the use of the Mako robot. Your unique skillset puts you in a potentially very advantageous position as this new technology becomes normalised and the comparative lack of trained staff becomes clear.

You will be a member of a specialist team of other Mako-trained surgical first assistants across the west of Scotland, able to cover for one another as needed.


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