Connecting Consultants with Qualified Assistants in the Glasgow and Stirling areas

Born out of an understanding of the need for urgent and capable cover, Intuition Assisting is the culmination of 15 years in the surgical nursing industry. Intuition Assisting coordinates and streamlines the process by pairing consultants with experienced and qualified assistants.

Intuition Assisting provides healthcare consultants with surgical first assistants based on qualifications and mutual availability. As I handle the work allocation, surgical assistants who join the team are provided with work as and when they need it without the need for hectic prospecting.

If you're a consultant surgeon or surgical first assistant in the Stirling or Glasgow areas, I'm uniquely positioned to help you. Please get in touch via my contact form.


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What Intuition Assisting does for consultants

Cancelling or rescheduling a patient's procedure due to a lack of cover is a last resort but is sometimes unavoidable. Nevertheless, the patient is left disappointed and the reputation of the site is damaged, especially if the change was last-minute.

Intuition Assisting aims to help private hospitals avoid these inconveniences by providing consultants in the Glasgow and Stirling areas with multiple-speciality surgical first assistants in the event of holidays, sick leave or emergencies.


Consultant Work

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Why choose Institution Assisting for Assigning Work? 

On top of having at least 2 years of hands-on experience as surgical assistants, and many more as theatre practitioners, the certified surgical first assistants I provide are:


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They also understand and follow the Perioperative Care Collaborative Position Statement and the code of conduct of their registering body (The Nursing and Midwifery Council, Health & Care Professions Council or General Medical Council).

My referrals carry with them my seal of approval. If you're a consultant, Intuition Assisting can provide you with qualified surgical locums. Please fill out a contact form to find out more.


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What Intuition Assisting does for assistants

Intuition Assisting provides work for surgical first assistants, orthopaedic assistants and theatre assistance in the Stirling and Glasgow areas.

Having worked as a surgical first assistant since 2018, I understand both the importance of your role and the irregular nature of self-employment in the medical industry. By joining the Intuition Assisting team, you'll be provided with an abundance of work based on your availability and location. 

As long as you are fully qualified and have at least 2 years of experience in the field of surgical assistance, we can find you work. Make an enquiry today via the contact form.


Assistant Work

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Adherence to PCC Guidelines

We ensure that all of our nursing and surgical locums understand and adhere to the rigorous guidelines set out in the Perioperative Care Collaborative Position Statement.

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Why should you consider Intuition Assisting?

As the NHS continues to struggle with oversubscription and wait times, more people are turning to private healthcare providers for faster and bespoke services. At the same time, the private medical industry in Scotland is struggling to keep up.

The main issue that I saw over my 15 years in the Scottish medical industry (spanning both public and private healthcare) was a lack of communication. Consultants are left scrambling to find surgical first assistants in the event of staff holidays, cancellations or other unforeseen events, sometimes on a very short notice.

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I saw many consultant surgeons resort to sending out bulk text messages and hoping a mutual acquaintance would have the scope to cover for an operation.

On the other hand, I saw many surgical first assistants, myself included, rely on mutual contacts and word-of-mouth referrals to find work. This resulted in a stressful and unpredictable feast-or-famine form of employment.

By stepping in as an introducer, Intuition Assisting ensures qualified cover for consultants, regular work for assistants and smooth service for patients.


Frequently Asked Questions


Is Intuition Assisting a nursing agency?

No. Intuition Assisting assumes no responsibility as an employer. Intuition Assisting instead acts as an introducer between consultants requiring assistants and assistants looking for assignments. All assistants will be self-employed workers and are therefore responsible for their own tax, National Insurance contributions and invoicing of work carried out. I also cater for surgical trainees and fellows who are from a medical rather than nursing/ODP background.

What specialities does Intuition Assisting cover?

We can provide assistance for all major types of surgery: orthopaedics, general surgery, urology, gynaecology, laparoscopic and plastic surgery. If you have a query about a particular type of surgery, please fill out a contact form.

Are the assistants appropriately certified?

Yes. The workers that I engage will have to be certified with a nationally-recognised university qualification. They will have to provide evidence of further education to provide services under the ‘extended scope of practice' set out by the PCC to provide extra services such as wound suturing, local infiltration, drain suturing and superficial diathermy. This is known informally as Part 2 of the SFA/ASP training.



Want to find out more about surgical first assistant roles in the Glasgow and Stirling areas? 

Get into contact with us to find out about what roles we can offer. Or, fill out our contact form and we can get in contact with you. 

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