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Connecting the dots to provide you with surgical work

As a locum surgical assistant, you play a tremendously important role in the smooth running of a theatre room and the safety of the patient while enjoying a higher hourly wage and the freedoms of self-employment.

However, the structure of surgical first assistant work means there are few guarantees. The ceiling for your income is far higher than a traditional salaried position, but this is at the cost of unpredictability.

At times it can feel as though you're taking any job that passes your desk, regardless how far you have to travel or how late you have to work.

Diversifying your approach to encompass the public sector is always an option, yet this means you're competing with NHS staff and surgical trainees for work.


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Enter Intuition Assisting

Intuition Assisting makes the inherent instability of locum work a thing of the past by handling your work allocation. If you meet your criteria and can travel in the Glasgow and Stirling areas then you won't be wanting for work.

You'll benefit not only from work allocation based around your availability, but a thriving community of surgical assistants and advanced scrub practitioners from a multitude of backgrounds, specialities and levels of experience.

As a current surgical first assistant with several years of experience, I'm always open to sharing my knowledge with newcomers to the realm of theatre work.

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What does Intuition Assisting look for in surgical assistants
and advanced scrub practitioners?


an icon for experience - a target with an arrow in the bullseye

A minimum of two years' experience as a surgical first assistant

an icon for training - a rosette with a star on it

Part 1 of the Surgical First Assistant training (Part 2 desirable but not essential)

an icon for registration - four hands holding another hand's wrist

Registration with either Health & Care Professions Council, Nursing Midwifery Council or General Medical council





an icon for insurance - a shield shape with a tick on the front of it

Indemnity insurance

an icon representing the understanding of the statement - a hand on a book with a cross on it

An understanding of what is required of you, as per the Perioperative Care Collaborative Position Statement

an icon showing caring - a heart hovering over a hand with a sleeve

A caring, patient-first mindset





an icon for attitude - a thumps up next to a heart and star

A positive, can-do attitude

an icon indicating communication - arrows going between two figures

Good communication skills

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If you meet these criteria then there are surgical consultants all across
the private healthcare industry who need your services. 

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What does Intuition Assisting offer surgical assistants
and advanced scrub practitioners?


  • An end to your days of having to scramble for work
  • Fairly allocated work – You'll receive your fair share whatever your level of experience
  • Membership of a diverse and inclusive team of surgical first assistants and advanced scrub practitioners across Scotland
  • Opportunities to build connections and contacts throughout Scotland's private healthcare industry
  • Chances to learn and iterate on your skills
  • The potential for ad-hoc mentorship

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What happens if I already have a long-term contract in place with a consultant?

I have no intention of diverting work away from those with long-term arrangements already in place. I am fully aware that those relationships have been built up between consultants and assistants over many years. However, I am happy to provide assistance for those requiring holiday cover or who have unexpected sick time. With me coordinating the overall workflow, there should be less stress for everyone involved.

How much work can I expect to get?

The private healthcare industry is busier than ever with the current healthcare climate. Intuition Assisting supplies workers for 3 hospitals in the West of Scotland at present, with up to 9 theatres working at any one time. There is an abundance of work available. Please make your availability known in advance, so that Intuition Assisting can match you with consultants in your preferred speciality.

What else can I expect from Intuition Assisting?

Any organisation which coordinates work for others has a direct duty of care. To that end, I have linked up with an HR company who will be managing this in the near future. This will include ensuring that your emergency contact details are filed, so that in the event of taking ill or not showing up for a shift your safety will be investigated. At present, nothing like this is in place; each assistant is technically classified as a lone worker and no emergency contact details are retained.

Will you chase up late payments?

As all of the work will be contracted, the terms and commitments will be clearly set out before the assignment commences. This includes an expected payment date for all parties involved. Late payments will be poorly tolerated, and I will chase these up on your behalf.

What about cancellations?

As we all know, cancellations are commonplace in the private sector. However, there are some cancellations that are known about in advance (Via pre-assessment), and those should be reported by the consultant in advance. This may facilitate the reallocation of work to suit each individual. Late cancellations may be subject to a cancellation fee.

I have built up a relationship with a consultant through ad hoc work. Can I take up a regular slot with them?

This business is based upon forging good relationships between consultants and assistants. It is advantageous for a consultant to use the same assistant for assignments. There is therefore no problem with an ad hoc arrangement becoming more regular. However, henceforth this arrangement will not be managed by Intuition Assisting, and all benefits will be lost.

Is work on a first-come first-served basis?

In the event that a consultant requires immediate short-term cover then the role will be assigned to the first available assistant with the scope to commute to their site. However, work allocation will aim to provide every assistant with equal and fair opportunities, though please be advised this will depend on your location and ability/willingness to travel.

How can I develop as a surgical first assistant?

I intend to expand my scope of practice into mentoring and education. At present, I am one of the highest-volume Mako robotic assistants in the private sector in the West of Scotland. I have assisted for hundreds of Mako cases, and am proficient in their set up and use. I can share my knowledge with those wishing to learn how to assist for these cases. The goal is to set up a Mako group that is proficient in this service. I would also like to mentor new assistants who are coming through the private sector, and am negotiating an arrangement at present. I have high standards, to reflect those expected by the patients who are placing their trust in us. I am willing to share information on surgeon preferences to ensure slick service delivery.



 the Mako machine used for robotic assisted surgery on a white background


The emerging field of robotic assisted surgery

Intuition Assisting is especially interested in the growing field of robotic assisted surgery, and is looking to build a team of trained surgical assistants to cover the coming demand for specialist locum staff.

If you're ready to be at the future of the private healthcare industry, make an enquiry.

Robotic Assisted Surgery