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The logical step forward for Scotland's private medical industry

Recognising the demand for competent, qualified surgical first assistants and the need for coordination in Scotland's private healthcare industry, Intuition Assisting provides a unique service by bridging and connecting specialist consultants with surgical assistants.

If you're a consultant with a need for short- or long-term locum staffing or a surgical assistant in the Stirling or Glasgow areas, please make an enquiry.


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Informed by Surgical Experience

The private healthcare industry can be a very appealing option for surgical specialists and consultants. Between the added flexibility and higher wages, more surgeons and orthopaedics are making the shift from the public sector to the private sector with each passing year.

I made the jump myself in 2018, after a number of years in the NHS. Though the benefits couldn't be denied, I couldn't help but notice the comparative lack of communication and coordination when compared to the public sector. Surgical locums were available and willing to work and consultants needed of their services, yet it seemed unnecessarily difficult to match the two parties effectively.

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Indeed, the consultants and assistants I spoke to all expressed their frustrations with the lack of organisation that seemed to pervade the private healthcare industry. There were plenty of resources to help find posted or salaried positions, while locum work seemed to have fallen by the wayside.

Intuition Assisting was the logical next step.

Consultants are provided with cover; assistants are provided with work and the patient gets the best care. Fill out the contact form to find out more.




The mission

The industry is set to become busier in the coming years as the public comes to recognise the benefits of private healthcare. The time is now for a third party to step in and provide some coordination to the industry's locum staffing. Intuition Assisting aims to do just that.

The aim isn't to add unnecessary bureaucracy or to try and become an overriding authority in the private healthcare industry. Intuition Assisting instead fills the niche of an introducer, connecting people who need a select service with those who are able to provide this service.

Surgical first assistants are willing to work and consultants struggle to find them. Intuition assisting simply connects the dots on behalf of each party.

Our Pledge to Consultants 

Our Pledge to Assistants 


 The future of Intuition Assisting

I intend to expand the scope of Intuition Assisting beyond organising locum staffing to encompass education and mentorship for our surgical assistants.

More details will be provided soon.




Private Healthcare Areas We Cover

Intuition Assisting covers the private healthcare industry in the Glasgow and Stirling areas.

If you're a self-employed surgical first assistant or a consultant in the private healthcare industry, please make an enquiry.