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In an ideal world there would be a surplus of qualified surgical assistants in every private hospital. Unfortunately, all it takes is a single cancellation or case of short staffing to turn what would have been a straightforward procedure into a complicated scenario. This leaves consultant surgeons in the position of sending multiple messages to multiple assistants in the hope that one will have the scope to assist them, and potentially having to cancel the surgery altogether.

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Enter Intuition Assisting

Intuition Assisting fills the gap in the market by acting as a coordinator and introducer for the private healthcare industry in the Glasgow and Stirling regions. 

We provide the sector with some much-needed organisation by allocating qualified assistants to consultant surgeons based on mutual availability.

Although we appreciate that consultant surgeons will sometimes need short-term assistance, Intuition Assisting prefers to operate from a speciality-based angle rather than a first-come first-served approach. The correct assistant will be paired with the correct assignment, based on their particular experience and qualification.

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Introducing assistants to consultants in the private healthcare sector

Essentially, I act as an intermediary between you and a network of surgical first assistants, ranging from trainee surgeons to theatre practitioners. You notify me of your particular needs and when you need cover (Preferably with as much notice as possible), and I'll arrange an assistant who matches your specifications to contact you.

Each assistant I work is vetted for their experience, qualifications and personality. They'll engage with and integrate themselves into your existing theatre team.

Specialist skillsets like experience with robotic surgery will be accounted for separately, ensuring that you're provided with the qualified assistance you need.

The Intuition Assisting approach covers both short-term and long-term arrangements in the event that you need sick or holiday cover.

If you're a consultant surgeon and foresee the need for short- or long-term cover, please get in contact. 


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About Intuition Assisting's Fees

Each fee is calculated by taking an average between self-pay and insured case price. Usually, 10% of the consultant's fee is paid to the assistant. Thereafter, 90% of that fee is paid to the assistant and Intuition is paid the other 10%.

For example, if a joint replacement is usually £1000, then £90 will go to the assistant (£100-10%) and £10 will go to Intuition Assisting (10%)

A list of prices will be forwarded on request.

A contract of service will exist between the consultant and Intuition Assisting for finding an assistant and a commission charge of 10% will be applied. The onward agreement lies with the consultant and the assistant thereafter, ensuring that the 90% fee is paid in a timely manner. 3 days is a sufficient timescale, bearing in mind that the assistants are self-employed. 


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Surgical assistants suited to your preferences

Having spent years as a surgical assistant myself, I understand the importance of finding surgical first assistants who aren't just available when you need them but are a good fit for you and your theatre.

As part of the onboarding process, we'll have a discussion about technical skills, qualifications and what you look for in a surgical assistant, to ensure that the assistant you'll eventually be allocated is suitable for your needs.

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Will I be notified of fees before the assignment?

Yes, the aim is to agree the fees and assignment beforehand. The assistant will be allocated, and this information will be agreed by all parties before the assignment commences. This way, all parties should be satisfied.

Can I add extras to the service?

Yes. If you would like your assistant to provide extra services such as wound closure or robotic set up, this can be arranged for an extra fee. This will be discussed at the contract stage.

How do I pay Intuition Assisting?

I will keep track of how many assignments are arranged for you via Intuition Assisting, which I will then send invoices for at the end of the month. Payments will be paid to Naomi James Assisting Limited. Details will be shared via email.

How do I pay my assistant?

As Intuition Assisting is not an employer or a recruitment agency, the fees will be paid to your assistant using traditional methods like a BACS transfer or cheque. Please remember to pay 90% of the fee on the day and keep the other 10% aside for Intuition’s invoice at the end of the month.

How far in advance can I make bookings?

It is preferable that you make bookings as far in advance as possible. However, I am aware that theatre slots can become available on short notice, and I will make every effort to cover these too. Please be aware that I will endeavour to cover every assignment, but as all of the assistants are self-employed and have other life commitments this may not always be possible.

Are the assistants appropriately indemnified?

Yes. The assistants will all have to provide proof of personal indemnity insurance of the level required to work as self-employed workers in the private healthcare sector. As none of the workers are employed directly by the hospital, they are not covered by vicarious liability. If this includes extended scope of practice, then their indemnity insurance must reflect this.

What happens if you cannot find an assistant for me?

The hope is that everyone will prefer this new coordinated system, and I will have maximum uptake of engagement from both consultants and assistants. In which case, it shouldn’t be a problem to find you an assistant. I have a wide network and am hoping to cast the net even wider as new assistants are being trained every year. However, there may be times that all assistants are busy, and if this is the case then you may have to revert to bringing your own. The aim is ensuring that I try my upmost to ensure all lists are covered appropriately so that no patients are cancelled or rescheduled. Sending availability as far in advance as possible for both parties will facilitate this.